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Welcome to facesittingbitches.com the home of girl-on-guy facesitting and smothering. The site provides half hour videos of girl-on-guy face sitting by sexy girls. Our content is 100 percent exclusive to facesittingbitches.com and is shot and produced in-house in the UK.

Mistress Whiplash / Nikki

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About Me


I am an experienced professional Domme who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since ~2000. I am fun, but also strict when it matters and very much enjoy making my visitors suffer.

I have a very large private space in northern Hampshire which, as well as a well equipped dungeon and a schoolroom, also contains domestic rooms such as living room, bedroom, office to ensure that any fantasy roleplay can come to life!

I have a serious footwear fetish and have built up a huge collection of gorgeous shoes and boots over the years. Along with the footwear I also have an equally huge collection of fetishwear and beautiful clothing and lingerie and can cater for pretty much any taste! Slaves are welcome to visit my dressing room and browse what is available...

As well as single sessions with myself, I also session together with a number of my Dominatrix friends including Miss Jessica, Miss Lina, fetishdoll/Miss Dawn, and others.

I also produce videos for all the websites linked immediately below.

If you would like any information that isn't listed here, please contact me via the contact form on the main site.

MistressWhiplash / Nikki

The most recent 20 videos from the site are listed below.

fb1423 : Kinky Bound Facesitting Fun

Evilyne is really pleased - her boyfriend has agreed to let her tie him to the bed for some kinky fun. She has just one thing on her mind - facesitting and smothering him beneath her pussy and ass for her pleasure! Neil's face gets squashed deep into Evilyne's lovely round bottom over and over as she takes delight in the total control she has over him.. Published Thu Feb 21 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1422 : Admiring the view from beneath

Matthew is supposed to be doing the cleaning, but he can't resist taking sneaky peeps at Sophia's exposed boobs as she relaxes. It's not long before he gets caught in the act and Sophia decides that he can admire the view from beneath her as she sits on his face! She presses her sexy red satin knickers hard into his face as she makes sure he suffers in return for the amazing view!. Published Thu Feb 14 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1421 : Bound Human Garden Furniture

Who needs traditional garden furniture when there is a bound and compliant piece of human furniture on the lawn to sit on?! Nikki is wearing tight, tough denim jeans but that doesn't stop her from sitting down hard on her human chair's face to enjoy a break in the garden to read her book and drink her cocktail. The human furniture is just an object to her and she barely acknowledges its existence as she sits down without a care in the world, oblivious to the fact she is crushing a man's nose totally flat into the seam of her denim jeans.. Published Thu Feb 7 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1420 : Double Smotherbench Pressure!

Cindy joins Nikki to crush Paul, who is tied down securely to the smotherbench with his head trapped so he cannot resist them. Wearing sexy shiny leggings, they smother his face beneath them, making sure he really suffers by giving his body lots of trampling at the same time. . Published Thu Jan 31 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1419 : Whose Panties?!

Nikki has found a pair of panties in the bed, and they're not hers! Scott tries to wriggle out of it but it's clear that he's been fucking another woman, and now Nikki is going to make him pay by pinning him to the bed and facesitting him hard beneath her. Nikki's lingerie is so sexy, it looks like a mixture of pleasure and suffering for Scott as he is taught a lesson about who is in control.. Published Thu Jan 24 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1418 : Jeans Facesitting Her Ex

Anastaxia's dopey ex boyfriend Paul just won't understand that when she dumped him six months ago, she meant it! He's let himself into her apartment to bring her a teddy bear in the hope that she will get back with him. Anastaxia has no intention of getting back with Paul, but she will sit on his face and crush her denim-clad butt hard into his face until he's seeing stars! Poor Paul thinks that there's a chance for him to be Ana's boyfriend again if he lets her squash him, so he lies back and hopes for the best as she gets to work reshaping his face under her beautiful bottom.. Published Thu Jan 17 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1417 : Facesat by Mistress Rainbow

Mistress Liz Rainbow looks super sexy in shiny PVC as she smothers her bound slave in the dungeon. She takes pleasure from embedding his nose deep between her ass cheeks as she sits on his face nice and hard, knowing she is in total control.. Published Thu Jan 10 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1416 : In Control

Miss Petite is sick of her bossy boyfriend's demands and things are about to change drastically! She's taking back control and is starting as she means to go on by sitting on his face so that she even controls the very air he breathes! She soon has Tom kissing her ass and learning his new place in life beneath her.. Published Thu Jan 3 2019.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1415 : Working Beneath Her

Nikki shows the new guy in the office just what it's going to be like working beneath her in this sexy hard facesitting clip. Nikki makes sure Neil's nose gets well and truly crushed into her tights as she sits on him with all her weight in a variety of awesome positions.. Published Thu Dec 27 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1414 : The Garden Smotherbench

Raquel likes nothing better than relaxing in the garden with a good book, especially when she has a slave's face to sit on for extra comfort! Today is her lucky day, as her slave is securely locked into the smotherbench so that she can sit back and relax without a care in the world for him! Raquel looks amazing in her bikini as she chills out and crushes her slave's face into her butt.. Published Thu Dec 20 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1413 : Tied up, seduced and smothered

Honour May has been chatting to her boyfriend about her desire to facesit him, but he's not convinced, so she has taken the decision out of his hands by tying him to the bed so that she can show him just how sexy facesitting can be! Honour looks incredible in her posh white lingerie as she begins sitting on her boyfriend's face, and then she can't resist taking off her panties to smother him into her bare pussy and ass. Honour really does have the perfect ass for facesitting, and you can just tell she loves the feeling of power as she uses it to control her boyfriend.. Published Thu Dec 13 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1412 : Harnessed Ass Slave

The magnificent Mistress Evilyne joined us at Facesitting Bitches HQ recently, and as an ass worship and queening connoisseur, she was keen to try out the smother harness! She soon had her slave buckled in securely and took great pleasure in smothering his face deep into her lovely round bottom, safe in the knowledge he was utterly trapped and had no choice but to breathe in her aroma - when he was permitted to breathe! What an excellent skirt for ass worship!. Published Thu Dec 6 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1411 : Facesitting Fields Forever

Matthew and Cate have been walking for hours, because Matthew forgot the map and has got them lost in the picturesque English countryside. It's a really hot day and all Cate wants to do is have a sit down, drink her drink and have a rest, but there's nothing comfortable to sit on.... Except Matthew's face, of course! . Published Thu Nov 29 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1410 : Look at MY arse!

Luna catches Neil looking at girls' asses on the TV when clearly he should be looking at hers! She gives him a really close up look of her toned ass by sitting it down hard on his face and pushing his nose deep into her arse crack. Her arse is far better than those girls on the TV's asses, anyway, plus he can feel and smell it as it crushes him!. Published Sun Nov 18 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1409 : Facesitting Bonus

Anastaxia's chauvinistic boss has decided she isn't getting a bonus, even though she's worked harder than anyone else in her department! He's picked the wrong lady to mess with, as Ana is far stronger than he is and has soon dragged him across his desk and pinned him to it so that she can sit on his face! There's no escaping Anastaxia's clutches until he has agreed to all her demands.. Published Thu Nov 15 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1408 : Campsite Facesitting in Denim

Nikki's useless husband Paul has forgotten to pack her camping chair, so she has nothing to sit on... except his face! She is wearing really tough denim hotpants which really hurt Paul's face but she doesn't care and just sits down hard on him and turns him into her human chair right there on the campsite where anyone could see. Lots of punishing facesitting positions in this clip as Nikki really makes sure Paul suffers for his mistake!. Published Thu Nov 8 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1407 : Nurse Olga's Smother Medicine

Nurse Olga thinks Tom is faking his illness in order to get a sick note, so she gives him something to really complain about by sitting down on his face and smothering him under her round ass. Olga is very flexible and even does the splits as she sits on Tom's face, squashing him nice and hard in the process.. Published Thu Nov 1 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1406 : Pest Control

Tiff has called in a pest controller to sort out the woodworm in her cellar, but he turns out to be a bit of a pest himself - a misogynistic womaniser who thinks he can rip her off! She comes up with a clever way to put him in his place AND reduce her bill... By sitting on his face! He gets pinned down and his face pushed into Tiff's tight black leggings until he's seeing things from a much better point of view.. Published Thu Oct 25 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1405 : Muscleman made into her ass bitch!

Raquel shows that the bigger they come, the harder they get crushed as she dominates a macho man at the gym and turns him into her ass bitch. Tom looks really squashed and bedraggled by the time Raquel has finished making him worship her ass and smothering him under it! . Published Thu Oct 18 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

fb1404 : My Sweaty Ass on Your Face!

Liz is very hot and sweaty, and it's because her lazy boyfriend Tom hasn't installed the aircon which she's been asking him for for ages! Liz decides Tom might be a little more proactive in getting it done if she sits on his face, pushing his nose right in between her sweaty ass cheeks to show him just how serious the situation is!. Published Thu Oct 11 2018.
This is just one of 585 videos published on this website.

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